Adrian Cheater (factoid) wrote in gordonbell,
Adrian Cheater

*tap tap* *whine* Uh... hello?

Someone was going to fill me in on this place right? I'm Adrian, Levon's big brother up until about 5 years ago, now I'm just older. I graduated from GB in 1997, and I don't know if that puts me in the running for oldest alumni on here.

Many of you I know, if only in passing, as I had a tendancy to associate with such high profile people as Sarah Bector, Josef Estabrooks, and uh... me? What are the odds of any of the former GB staff being around here? I sure would love to get back in touch with many of my (now retired) teachers. Is there anything even remotely familiar in the school anymore? I haven't been by in about 5 years. I would expect that at least the vending machines haven't changed.
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