Swicked (swicked) wrote in gordonbell,


Hello everyone. I finally got on. Okay so I'm supposed to introduce meself. Well my name is Farah for those of you who don't know me. I didn't graduate from GB but I went there for many years and moved to Ottawa two years before grad. Either way I would have graduated with the 2000 gang, therefore anyone else from grad 2000 should know who I am. I know live in Ottawa (if you haven't caught on) and will be taking my last year of my undergrad degree next year. I can't wait!!!
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Hey Farah. =)
Hey Cary. It's been ages. How's it going?
It's been a rough few months, but things seem to be nicely settling down for the summer. =)

How's about yourself?
Same. I finished school for the summer and now I'm working two jobs to pay for school next year. What have you been doing with yourself?


May 15 2004, 22:49:48 UTC 13 years ago

Hello Farah. My name is LAuren and I found your journal by random. Good luck in school and have a good life.
Your name is funnyface, that's awesome. I have a friend who always uses that phrase.


May 15 2004, 22:51:40 UTC 13 years ago

farah..whats up girl..how are the egyptians doing..good i hope..i am glad i got to kno that u updated..and by the way ure hott..ure mom too..and maybe ure dad..and dog if u got one
Well I thank you, I think....
hellow farah. i too found your journal out of a random search i was conducting on this early morning of the 17th, of may. although you do not know me, i send my regards to you and yours. may god be with you. praise the lord.
What memories are you drowning
Wow all the random post are kind of funny. I'd like to clear some stuff up.
1) I'm not Egyptian... sorry
2) I am hot (J/K)
3) Life is like a box of chocolates