Quixotic Crusade (lordthief) wrote in gordonbell,
Quixotic Crusade


Well, since we're doing the introduction thing, I may as well join in...

Well, my name's Will Weakley, I've been known for many things, including getting booted out of Woseley school (Yes, I'm THAT Will Weakley), I was invovled a great deal in the drama and improv program at Gordon Bell, especially for the parts of George (I was married to Christine, try getting that taste out of your mouth...), and most recently, the ex-priest Gilbert Bellington in our last improv production. I think I was generally known around the school, especially as one of the few proud graduates of the Regular Program (One of three guys from my grade 8 class...I should get a T-Shirt!) I sung in choir the last year, was invovled in sports in the begining, and even led a couple curling teams in the divisonals back in grade 11. I think that's about it for information about me, later all
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