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greetings gordon bell. i'm natasha kuchta, aka radish. i was at gordon bell for grades 7 and 8, then i left, then i came back this year for grade 12. i should be graduating but i'm not. anyways i'm a pirate and that is all. rock on.
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Kuchta, eh? Did yer dad teach at GB for a while?
yup yup yup. he's back there again. he is a little bit insane.
Ahh see. Mah dad was/is Puusa, if you knew 'im. Yer dad's cool tho'.
no, your dad is the one who is cool.
Raddish, your dad called me a penguin back when I was in grade 8, and threatned to hold me out the 3rd floor window by my ankles.
are you serious? cos he totally denies the penguin thing. he might just be crazy.
Does Mr. Kuchta still have the general custard mustache? and after spending my grade 8 year with him just talking about about Australia making off the cuff comments and mocking/treating students I'd say he's quite a character.
yeah he's still got the mustache, though he's since cut the mullet. oh man he's not just a "character". he's a crazed water buffalo.
Mr. Kuchta is one of the greatest teachers I ever had at Gordon Bell. Between his mocking of ignorant/lazy students to just the fact that he was insane (in a lovable, entertaining way). He's just one of those teachers that you never forget long after you graduate